Fitness Instruction

Stability training on bosu ball
stability training on bosu ball

Fitness Philosophy


At Wave we always strive for safe and measurable fitness assessments for each client prior to starting any program. We take into account an individuals overall lifestyle, physical and social aspects as well. At Wave, safety for each client is always a number one priority.


Each Wave client has a customized fitness program designed to focus on meeting their personal goals. Wave clients are taught the proper form, and function of each exercise, progressing and adjusting as needed, and setting everyone up for success no matter how small the goal may be.

Fitness Guidnace

Wave Fitness strives to hold its clients accountable for maintaining and achieving fitness goals set. We work together to discuss as a team what we can both do to make each session better than the next. Together we will take small, measurable steps as a coach and client, not only physically, but mentally making changes weekly, monthly and for overall lifestyle.

Wave Fitness Mission

It is my mission as a personal trainer to help each client reach whatever goal, small or big, and do so in a positive, achievable and measurable way. Each person deserves to be comfortable, happy and proud of what they can achieve with hard work and support.

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